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Aug 30, 2019
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Hey guys, was chatting with Kingdom934 and decided to do a chronicle of the various pieces of crap I come across in my time as a mechanic, a la his junkyard thread:

So I'll post pics, blurbs, and thoughts on whatever I'm working on, whenever I feel like it. Decided to start it now because I'm swamped. Here's the starting lineup, in order of importance (that order's pretty fluid):

1. 2002 Toyota Tacoma 2.7L PreRunner: both original ball joints on passenger side broke off on the highway
2. 2001 GMC Yukon XL Denali: engine has low oil pressure
3. 1995 Toyota Previa supercharged: P0171 (perceived lean condition) and P0125 (insufficient coolant temp for closed loop)
3. 2006 Scion tC: blown head gasket
4. 1993 Toyota T100: clutch pedal gets stuck halfway up, has trouble shifting when moving
5. 2012 Ford Explorer 3.5L: coolant leak in vee of engine
6. 1998 Lexus SC400: stumbling and stalling on cold start, not when warmed up fully
7. 2008 BMW M5 SMG: needs clutch job
8. 2017 Honda Accord 2.4L: rod knock at 43K
9. 2005 BMW 545i: engine needs reseal
10. 1970 VW Beetle: engine rebuild

...also a few of my own cars will drop in from time-to-time, if I don't break those off into their own threads.

This is an interactive thread, feel free to join in, ask questions, make suggestions, LOL, and in general, have fun. See you around!